Braun Shaver is Again Voted As the No 1 Electric Shaver


Gone are the days when electric shaver cannot perform a clean shave like normal blades. There are many electric shaver which now give a clean shave and comfort that most normal blade cannot do. Braun shaver is one brand men love to purchase with pride and feels proud to own it. Well, there is a reason to that. Braun electric shaver is very much into quality, technology and performance that the outcome is obsession from users across the globe.

Of course, there may be some people who do not agree with negligible reasons but remember critics is always there no matter what. Braun and Gillette technology are both subsidiary of Proctor and Gamble and are way ahead of their competitors in various manners wahl legend.

Braun use foil and cutter block for the shaver’s head which is preferred over rotary head in most cases for better performance. In some series they combine the technology of Gillette giving user the edge of superior quality and functionality. The futuristic features available with Braun shavers are classy and no other brand comes near to what they can offer.

The series 7 of Braun electric shavers use LED and LCD on various models to display information and status of your shaver like battery status, hygienic level and parts replacement. A fully charged battery can give you about 50 minutes of cordless shaving which is an advantage while travelling.

Braun uses clean and renew technology to clean the shaver’s head and keep the performance of the foil like a new one. Through the clean and renew system you save time cleaning it manually with brush and more importantly gives you a new like experience. It also includes other accessories like the case, cleaning brush, clean and renews refill, wall mount, protective cap and power supply plug with cables. The foil and cutter block last for more than 18 months without any problem.

Unlike most of the electric shaver out there in the market you will not experience any allergy and rashes on your skin while shaving. Braun shaver has no shortcoming for heavy bearded man as their technology captures more hair without any extra effort from the users. These are some of the reasons why Braun shaver continues to dominate the market as the no.1 voted electric shaver for years after years.

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