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Are we going in an Orwellian 1984 situation in the USA? Most are calling severe limitations to your lifestyle in light of the impending element a federal ID card.

President Bush is likely to sign the bill shortly.

Right now, the government doesn’t have any method for tracking citizens within the United States. If you fly into vegas for a week, the government cannot track you without receiving a warrant based on a reasonable suspicion of criminal actions. The”Real ID Act” potentially destroys the advertising slogan,”What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”


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Effective might 2008, most Americans will be required to obtain federally approved ID cards comprising digitally encoded private details. The personalized information will include your name, sex, address, date of birth and also a digital picture at a minimum. Most this info will be kept in a national database. Anyone minus the ID card is likely to not be able flyopen a bank account, enter federal structures and, probably, obtain work. Simply speaking, we’re taking a look in a database which allows the federal government to track your every movement, financing, spending tasks, etc..

From a practical perspective, the Department of Homeland Security will supply specifications for the cards. It’s believed that the cards will be issued through state DMV offices and may be incorporated in to drivers’ permits. To obtain the card, citizens will be required to produce a photo identification, proof of address, social security number card and possibly finger marks or retinal scans. The info will be digitized and placed to a national database. The especially terrifying element with the is that there are no limitations on what the could be required by the Department of Homeland Security. Can DNA samples be far behind?

Backers of the Act argue it is necessary to prevent illegal immigrants from obtaining drivers’ licenses and prevent terrorists from”hiding in the great outdoors .” Opponents argue the cards include a federal ID card, even gross violation of civil rights and platform for massive identity theft. Whether you support the Act or not, it’s incontrovertible that big brother will probably have one in his sights beginning May 2008.